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We’re a global gaggle of writers, performers & recovering advertising creatives. First started in 2017 by author Lorelei Mathias, we’ve been making award-winning, silly short films from Melbourne to London, about the madness of the modern world. For us, Comedy is the best meds. And we should know, we’ve tried everything else on the NHS. Read about us in The Guardian here, and The BBC.

Winner, Industry Award Best Short, Comedy Crowd Chorts 2022 * Runner-Up Funny Women Awards for Global Best Short * 2 x finalists at Edinburgh TV Festival New Voice Awards Featured in BBC New Comedy Award Finals Digital Catefory *

* ‘Stunning stuff, with a worthy reason behind it too’ British Comedy Guide * ‘Very funny’ Deborah Frances White * UK Funny Women’s Industry Pick * ‘5 stars, a wonderfully quirky, brilliantly funny… ‘ DAVID REVIEWS * ‘wonderfully weird and funny… the star of the show is Lola’ SHOTS


🍉 As featured in the Guardian and the finals of New Voice Awards Ed TV Fest 2021 🍉  ‘🤣 So true’ RORY BREMNER 🍉  ‘ “😆 “Funny AF! Fantastic creators” – The ADHD Gift 

– A new series about the hilarity & horror of Adult ADHD…which sees ADHD-er and dreamer Lola Mildew try to do adulting in spite of her executive dysfunction, while her alter ego Prof Penny, PhDADhD, guides us through WTAF ADHD even is. Truly, the struggle is real. Watch the ‘Life in ADHD’ 25″ Clusterc*ck edit below. Find our more here

LIFE IN ADHD – a comedy from a neurodiverse universe – by Lorelei Mathias & Melon Comedy collective

Short on time or dopamine? Just watch the 50 sec taster below, or some of the modules here in 15 snack-ably inattentive parts.

Hear Melon creator & founder Lorelei Mathias talking on BBC Radio 5 Live here:

Catch up on our sketch show series ‘BATSHIT’

Our 2020 web series is BATSHIT – a prescription for an insane world… to turn Earth’s frown upside down. BATSHIT stars: Michael Spicer, Sarah Smart, Joe Davies, Josh Glanc, Joseph Adelakun, Emmy McMorrow, Lorelei Mathias, Camilla Mathias, Yasser Kayani and heaps of other incredible talents from down under & up above… plus internet-breaking animations by ‘melancholy Gilliam’ Steve Cutts (The Simpsons, Moby, ‘Man’ & ‘Happiness’.)

Here are some of our best-loved individual sketches. Loads more in tabs above though. If you’d like to help fund our next one, get in touch here

Meet Alana & her colleague, Ariel. A comedy about plastic; a tragedy about humans.

Spoof reality-show fronting up to one of the biggest horrors of modern love, head on.

Lockdown or not, some people aren’t good at leaving the house… We’ll literally just be a minute.

Modern love is rubbish…One of a series of sketches about the madness of modern dating

Watch our award-winning sketch about office life. Go on, just a slither…

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