Use Your Melon

Hey! Thanks for watching! Everything we’ve written & made ’til now has been with a shoestring. Well, actually the bit of plastic that holds the shoe-string together. A flugelbinder?

If you liked any of them we’d love to make more, so if you’d like to support us in any way please head to our Patreon… Or if you’re a producer, telly person or maybe just a brand that would like a film to raise a smile and some awareness for their cause… get in touch below!

Many of our team like are recovering advertising creatives. Our founder Lol did 20 years in Advertising with our other writer Nat… where they met our animator Steve Cutts. So we’re used to writing to be funny but also to make a point. Recently we’ve made work in support of CALM, World Mental Health Day, Comedy 5050, and South Coast Sirens Action Group against sewage in Brighton & Hove/Southern Water.

So if you’re a charity, action group or brand and you’d like us to make some cause-powered comedy for you – maybe to raise awareness of your mission or brand, we’d love to help. We really do believe that Comedy isn’t just medicine, it’s alchemy.

We also have another ghost-writing comedy writing service coming soon – Lollyfiller. Just send us an idea or some writing you’ve done, and we’ll make it funnier, fill in the cracks, and have a go at punching it up for you.

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Thanks! Love Melon

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